How To Make This Elegant Pink Anthurium Arrangement

Anthuriums in nature are flat flowers. So, when doing arrangements using them, we need to give more attention.

Because they are bold, they need to be free. To demonstrate further, this is a freestyle pink anthurium arrangement.

A freestyle arrangement is also frequently one that involves lines.

As you will soon see, how the stems of the anthuriums will create beautiful lines and add elegance to this arrangement.

Here's what you need for the arrangement...

  • cherry pink anthuriums
  • cyprus sticks
  • beargrass leaves
  • moss
  • a container
  • floral foam
  • copper wire

What to do first is...

  • Prepare the container. Fit the foam into the container.

  • Cut the cyprus sticks into roughly the same lengths. We'll probably need about 7 or 8 sticks. Insert the sticks into the foam. Do a radial insertion. To better understand this, take a look at how I inserted my cyprus sticks...

  • Next, insert the anthuriums in a way that is balanced all round and that the flowers look like they are moving away from the center.

  • Add a few beargrass leaves create more of this 'moving away' effect.

  • The next thing to do is to cover the foam with moss. Take some moss, wet it and cover the foam. If you are afraid that the moss might fall out of place, secure them with floral wires.

  • As you can see, the foam area is quite empty. All the attention is taken by the anthuriums. So, you need to balance the arrangement. Gather copper wires together and create 3 balls with different sizes.

  • Secure them on the foam using floral wires. Your pink anthurium arrangement now looks more interesting.

How do you like your freestyle anthurium arrangement? You can put it in your living room. It is a waste to put something soelegant where it can't be seen.

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