Pictures Of Wedding Bouquets

Pictures of wedding bouquets that will inspire you.

Deciding on your bridal bouquet design may be the most exciting part of wedding preparation for some.

Because you want to look the best that you can on that special day.

You can see some great designs below...

pictures of wedding bouquets

An all pink round bouquet of ranunculuses and Mimi Eden roses, collared by red leaucadendron leaves.

pictures of wedding bouquets

A round bouquet of various flowers inlcuding gerbera daisies, with showering English Ivy leaves.

pictures of wedding bouquets

Although it keeps the traditional round form, this bouquet is ultimately modern. One dozen red roses are arranged and encircled with Aspidistra leaves, the spines of which are removed for flexibility.

Strands of gold bullion wire, wrapped around the base and loosely draped over the roses add sparkle to the bouquet, and medallions of bullion wire are incorporated as contemporary, yet inexpensive, accents.

pictures of wedding bouquets

This bouquet collar is formed by 'hairy wire' into the shape of a star or a snowflake shape. The points are attached with gold beads.

Pale pink peonies and dusty miller leaves give this bouquet a 'snowy' or a 'wintery' look.

pictures of wedding bouquets

A cascading bouquet of purple orchids. The bouquet structure is formed by purple wire. Unique and contemporary.