Orchid Bridal Bouquet For Your Summer Wedding!

Traditional and contemporary orchid bridal bouquet ideas with different styles!

Orchids simply make lovely wedding flowers and the orchid bridal bouquet is absolutely popular among brides-to-be.

Their all year round availability makes them the preferred choice among other flowers.

Types Of Orchids For Bouquets

The most common type of orchid used in weddings is the Cymbidium orchid. They come in either mini size or larger ones, but both are very popular. The most common colors for cymbidium are white, green, pink, yellow and burgundy. The flower itself is quite heavy, so a special technique is necessary to hold them in a bouquet.

Another popular type is the Phalaenopsis orchid. Its face is rather flat, and the petals are wide but they look great in a bouquet. Because of its flatness, it is usually used for cascade bouquets. The usual colors are white and purple.

Vanda orchids make great bridal flowers, too. They are smaller in size compared to the cymbidium, but many brides like them, especially the purple color.

Not forgetting the Dendrobium orchids, or better known as Singapore orchids. They can be considered as line flowers because they are actually small flowers branching from a long stem. They are usually used as is, to show its beautiful lines. Colors of the dendrobium are plenty, like white, green, yellow, orange and purple.

Another orchid type that is used in bridal bouquets is the Arachnid orchids. Maybe some refer to them as wild orchids. They are also small flowers coming out from a long stem, and usually used in stems. The most common type would be the red and the yellow with spots on them.

All and all, they all make beautiful bouquets, no doubt about it. Not only in bouquets, they can be used in corsages and centerpieces, too.

Learn more about the types of orchids.

Below are some ideas of using orchids in a bridal bouquet...hope you find your dream bridal bouquet!

Beautiful Orchid Bridal Bouquet Ideas

orchid bridal bouquet

A round bouquet of white roses and green cymbidium orchids. This bouquet stands out.

orchid bridal bouquet

This bouquet is made up nothing but pink cymbidiums. Very beautiful.

orchid bridal bouquet

A beautiful round bouquet of green cymbidiums. The orchid centers are embellished with diamante pins. The striking contrasting color between the petals and the centers make this bouquet really stunning.

orchid bridal bouquet

Here, you can mix green cymbidiums and pink cymbidiums to make a teardrop bouquet, then use pink hyacinths as fillers.

orchid bridal bouquet

This orchid bridal bouquet is a mix of all exotic orchids in bright colors.

Contemporary Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Contemporary orchid bouquets have designs that use minimal flowers, but enough to show off creativity and emphasizes on the orchid flower itself.

They do not take a certain form or shape like the traditional bouquets and most often depend greatly on materials to form the structure of the bouquet. Let's look at certain examples.

orchid bridal bouquet

This bouquet structure is made of wire, in which the wire is wrapped with brown cotton string. They are curled and intertwined with purple colored wire and a string of red berries. A small loop is made with the wire just enough to fit a finger in. This is for the bouquet handle. The striking purple of the orchids are perfect against the red berries.

orchid bridal bouquet

This bouquet structure is made of purple colored wire, in which it is curled in the same size. Instead of making a loop as the handle, this bouquet is carried at the wrist. The wire structure is decorated with vines and white phalaenopsis orchids. They are hung and seem flowing down from the wrist.

orchid bridal bouquet

This unique bouquet is also made of wire. The purple colored wire is twisted in small loops but forms the structure for a cascading bouquet. The bouquet of is carried over the hand. Decorate with purple vanda orchids and green pompons.

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