How To Make A Unique Purple Orchid Bouquet

Why is this orchid bouquet unique? As you'll soon see, this design itself is unique.

The design is very modern and sophisticated and suitably worn by chic and modern brides.

It has a wonderful fragrant as well because the flowers used in this orchid bouquet has a strong smell.

Let's check out what we need...

  • purple vanda orchids
  • white tuberoses
  • ruscus leaves
  • beargrass leaves
  • floral wire
  • sisal fibre
  • floral tape
  • adhesive spray
  • copper wire
  • a strand of pearls

Can't wait to start?

Let's do it....

  • First, we separate the orchids into single flowers. Then, we wire the orchid and tape it all the way down. Thisis to make the orchid easily bendable. Do the same for each of the orchid.

  • Next, we also make the ruscus leaf bendable by inserting the wire to the leaf and wrap with floral tape. Do the same foreach ruscus leaf.

  • The tuberose has to be separated into each flower, too. Wire and wrap each tuberose with floral tape. Since we wire all the flowersused in this bouquet, we also call this bouquet a wiring bouquet.

  • When that is done, take the orchid one by one and gather them in your hand to form a round shape. Now take the ruscusleaves to form a collar around the the orchids.

  • While still holding in your hand, take each wire-stemmed tuberose and form a collar outside the ruscus leaves.

  • Wrap all the wire stems using the floral tape.

  • Now, we are going to prepare the sisal fibre collar. Take two thick floral wires and form a circle. Make sure the circle isbig enough to fit the orchid bouquet. Tape the two ends using floral tape.

  • Take another two wires to make the handle. Twist the the ends of the wires to the round-shaped wire.

  • Now take some sisal fibre and spread it evenly onto the round-shaped wire. Make sure you make a hole inside for the orchidbouquet to go in. Glue the sisal fibres onto the wire using adhesive spray. Make it neat.

  • When that's ready, take one tuberose flower (not wired) and attach to the end of a beargrass leaf using copper wire. Do thesame for 4 more beargrass leaves.

  • Now take the orchid bouquet and insert into the sisal fibre. Before you wrap the stems together, insert the beargrass leaves. Now wrap the stems together with floral tape.

  • Cut the stem into the same length, and cover the exposed wire with floral tape.

  • To add more character to the bouquet, add a strand of pearls on the orchids.

What a lovely orchid bouquet. It is really easy to do, once you know how to do it.

I hope you will give it a try...

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