Make A Boutonniere By Following These Steps

Make a boutonniere using a burgundy calla lily.

If your bridal bouquet consists burgundy calla lilies, then this burgundy calla boutonniere is the perfect match.

Very easy to make but produces an elegant look for the groom. Materials used are just a stalk of burgundy calla lily,pearls, some salix, brown floral tape and a pin.

First, we prepare the pin to attach to the flower. Take any safety pin will do, use the floral wire and wrap the wire around the pin, like this...

Then, we prepare the pearls. Take three pearls and form a triangle using copper wire. Leave that aside.

Cut the calla stem to the length you want your buttonhole to be.

Now, we are going to start combining the prepared materials to make this calla boutonniere.

Take the pin and attach it to the back of the calla and tape it the stem using brown floral tape.

Then, take the pearls and attach it to the calla like shown in the picture below...

Now, take short salix, here I used two of them, and attach it to the calla and tape it. Since the calla is straight, the curvy lines of the salix gave a nice balance.

So this is how your buttonhole will look like. Stunning isn't it?

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