Japanese Art Ikebana

You can see the japanese art ikebana influence in the floral designs below.

Let's start with this piece over here.

This is an ikebana arrangement that sits on a crossing of branches. Red anthuriums and draceana leaves are used.

An arrangement of multiple flowers, stargazer lily, yellow gerberra, red arachnid orchids and several foliage.

This is another arrangement that uses red anthuriums and draceana leaves but in this one, the lines made by the draceana leaves are more emphasized.

This is an arrangement that involves two separate arrangements but seems connected as a whole. Coconut tree branch is used.

One yellow gerberra, Golden Ramsey and minimal foliage completes this ikebana arrangement.

Heliconias that looked exactly like if they were grown naturally.

A basket arrangement of wild orchids and birds nest leaves.

An arrangement of dried twigs and a trunk of bananas.

A natural arrangement of bird of paradise and a log.

One of my favourite arrangement from this exhibition. The designer cleverly uses the draceana leaves in this arrangement.

A protea, long leaves and baby's breath says it all in this stunning arrangement. Since the protea makes such a significant presence, it would be a waste to hide it with more leaves and flowers. The baby's breath successfully bring down the strength of the protea. If not, this arrangement would be too 'hard'.

A sweet arrangement of modern moribana.

Lines were created using rattan, decorated with hydrangeas.

Another display of pure simplicity. Just a stargazer lily, draceana leaf and a heliconia leaf make a lot of difference.

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