Ikebana Flower Arrangements

Find out the latest trends in the world of ikebana through these ikebana flower arrangements.

These arrangements were displayed at an ikebana exhibition I attended.

Low moribana arrangement of white, green and pink dendrobiums. To add color contrast, brown dried lotus is added.

An interesting nageire arrangement, just using foliage.

A shallow moribana, showing the effect of water in the glass container. You can see that mini pineapples are used in this arrangement.

This is also another ikebana arrangement using just one type of foliage. The container used is very nice, I'm glad the designer did not purposely hide it.

This next arrangement is a moribana arrangement using yellow cymbidiums and deep red dendrobiums. Dried branches are also used in a creative way. The kenzan is covered with small white stones.

A beautiful arrangement involving a tree bark, purple agapanthus, peach roses, dried twigs and big philodendron leaves.

A simple arrangement of allium, pink stargazer lilies and big philodendron leaves.

A beautiful natural spreading arrangement of a dried log with blue glass bottles. To make the arrangement more interesting, small glass stones are scattered near the log.

A big ikebana sculpture of birds nest leaves, golden ramseys, baby's breath and red anthurium. At the bottom, is sisal fibre.

A lovely vase with a face. Bear grass, pink hibiscus and cypress leaves are used in this arrangement.

A tall arrangement using the tropical pink ginger.

A unique usage of draceana leaves. The end of the leaves are curled up. To complement, pink stargazer lilies are used.

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