Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet For The Sweet You!

Want to look sweet for your wedding? Hydrangea bridal bouquet can do that for you...

Hydrangeas are absolutely lovely flowers for weddings. They are clusters of small flowers that make them look so sweet.

To use them in bouquets, you have to cut them in small branches. They are not available in many colors, but their colors are already suitable for any kind of bouquet.

You can also have a look at some of ideas for a hydrangea bouquet below. You might decide on your wedding bouquet!

Hydrangea Bouquet Ideas

hydrangea bridal bouquet

All white hydrangea bouquet. Very natural and fresh look.

hydrangea bridal bouquet

A hand tied bouquet of white hydrangeas with yellow roses. Sweet and simple.

hydrangea bridal bouquet

A round bridal bouquet using white hydrangeas, collared by folded draceana leaves and loops of bear grass for lines. Simple and nice.

hydrangea bridal bouquet

If your wedding theme includes peacock feathers, this bouquet is for you. Use green and white hydrangeas in a bunch, then add peacock feathers for a burst of color.

hydrangea bridal bouquet

Here is a bridesmaid bouquet of white hydrangeas, purple calla lilies and green cymbidiums. The colors of the flowers complement well against the purple bridesmaid dress.

A Beidermeier Style Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

hydrangea bridal bouquet

I created a four layer beidermeier style bouquet using green hydrangeas, red roses, gypsophilias and red hypericum berries. Each flower material gave a different texture to each other but when combined, the bouquet looks pleasing.

The hydrangea is fluffy, the roses are round but soft, the gypsophilias are small flowers but when grouped together, create an interesting dimension. The berries are small and has a hard impression.

Don't forget about color. It is better to have each layer in a different color, so that the border between layers can be clearly seen.

Working with hydrangeas

One thing about working with hydrangeas is that they are very sensitive to heat. It is quite difficult to work with them especially in the summer.

And their stems are not strong enough. They will become soft and the flowers will drop when it is dehydrated.

Your wedding florist will know to make your bouquet just before your wedding and to make sure it can retain moisture for a longer time.

Although they have these weak points, brides still choose hydrangeas because they look so sweet.

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