How To Tell If Flowers Are Fresh

How do you choose flowers that are fresh at the florist? Let's learn how to differentiate the fresh ones from the non-fresh ones.

A good rule is to observe the leaves. Fresh leaves are proof that water and nutrients are absorbed by the flower.

Then, you can check the color of the flower, whether the color today is still fresh.

Also, whether there are any insects on the flower that could bring disease to the flower.

Below are some more points that you can check.

Check the petals

Are the petals turning brown?

If flowers are dry, the petals will turn transparent then becoem brownish. For roses, you should check the petals in the middle of the flower.

For gerberas, your should check the back of the petals.

Check the calyx/sepal

Does the calyx/sepal look green and alive? A fresh flower has a healthy calyx.

If the calyx is brownish, then it is a sign of the flower not fresh.

Don't overlook this point.

Check the leaves

Do the leaves look fresh?

The easiest way to tell if the flowers are fresh is through the leaves. If the flower is fresh, the leaves should look green and fresh.

They should point up and be strong on their own. Check also if the leaves have holes on it or symptoms of a disease.

These flowers are not fresh and should not be used in your arrangement.

Check the stem

Are the stems strong?

A fresh flower will have strong stem. Check if the stems are not weak and become soft.

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