How To Make A Wreath

How to make a wreath is very easy. Wreaths are actually quite popular that almost every home has it.

It is used to decorate the living room, the bedroom or even the dining room. Some hang it up on the front door, welcoming their guests.

You can see wreaths at most homes especially during special occassions like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Why are wreaths so popular?

Because they are easy to make. Furthermore, you can personalize it. You can not only use flowers and leaves, you can use fruits, sea shells, bells or anything that you like to create your own wreath.

And you can choose the size of the wreath you want to make.

Wreath Forms

A wreath does not necessarily have to be round. Some are square, triangular, heart-shaped or oval. But mostly it is round, with different diameters.

heart shaped wreath
heart-shaped wreath

oval wreath
oval wreath

square wreath
square wreath

Some wreaths are in the shape of a star, or a loop. These are mostly used for home decorations.

Wreath Base

There are many types of wreaths. You can categorize them according to the type of base. For example, you can use grapevine, styrofoam or wire as the wreath base.

Sometimes, you can find a straw wreath. But did you actually know that the straw wreath is made from the wire wreath? You glue hay or straw onto the wire wreath to make the straw wreath.

straw wreath
straw wreath

A grapevine wreath base is a ring made of wild vines.

If you are challenging enough, you can collect wild vines from the woods and make your own grapevine wreath base. This would save you dollars. If not, you can always buy a pre-shaped grapevine wreath base at the crafts store.

All you do is glue your accents onto the grapevine. This way saves you time, though.

A styrofoam wreath is of course, made of styrofoam. The advantage of this type of wreath is it's lightness. You need to cover the foam before adding your materials to cover them.

The willow branches can be used as a wreath base, too. These are ready made and can be bought at the crafts store.

willow wreath
willow wreath

Dry grass can be gathered and be formed into a wreath base, too. Other materials include corn leaves.

dry grass wreath
dry grass wreath

You can also make a wreath out of small twigs. These are all readily available but you can make your own.

twigs wreath
twigs wreath

Wreath Making Tools

With the right tools and accessories, wreath making is fun. Try out different wreath forms with different accents and materials, you'll find making wreaths more interesting.

How to make a wreath?

Here are the best tools you could ever have to make your wreath. First and foremost, you need a glue gun. This is used to glue your accents onto your base.

Then you need a wire cutter. If you are working with artificial flowers or fruits, you definitely need a good wire cutter.

Also, to easily work with them, you need a pair of pliers. With pliers, you can bend and shape them to however you want.

Not forgetting, if you want, you can get wreath hangers. This is a wreath accessory to put at the back of your door so that you can easily hang them.

How To Make A Wreath

These two tutorials will provide you simple steps on how to make a wreath.

  • Red berries candle ring
    This is a simple candle ring made of red berries. I really like it because they are bright red in color and can easily enhance the look of your table when you decorate it.

  • Heart-shaped wreath
    This wreath I made as a wedding gift for my friend. You can use this wreath to decorate your bedroom.

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