How To Make A Boutonniere Using A Calla Lily

You will learn how to make a boutonniere using a white calla lily.

This calla lily boutonniere is made from a single calla lily flower. A special technique is used to make this boutonniere, which contributes to its lightweight.

Furthermore, pearls are attached to it to make it more interesting.

How is it done?

First, you need..

  • a stalk of white calla lily
  • pearls
  • copper wire
  • floral tape
  • safety pin
  • some cotton
  • floral wire
  • scissors

All done? Now, let's make our special calla lily boutonniere.

First, we need to dissect the calla lily.

Then, we take the yellow spathe and insert the floral wire at the bottom. Bend the two sides.

Take some cotton and wrap the bottom part of the spathe. Wet with water. Next, wrap the wet cotton with floral tape.

Take the calla flower and wrap the spathe as if creating a new calla lily flower.

When you're satisfied, insert another floral wire through the flower and the spathe.

Place some cotton at the bottom and wet with water. Then, tape using floral tape.

When that's done, position the safety pin behind the calla lily. Position it vertically and quitenear to the top. Secure it using the copper wire by surrounding the calla lily.

Don't forget to attach some pearls near the flower to make it interesting.

Keep on wiring the calla lily with copper wire until the bottom. At the bottom, place one pearl there.

Adjust the stem to make the shape more attractive.

And your calla lily boutonniere is done.

As you can see, it is because we get rid of the calla lily stem, the boutonniere becomes lighter. What we always want in a boutonniere or a corsage is for it to be light. We don't want a boutonniere to face downwards when we wear them.

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