How To Clean Silk Flowers So That They Look Fresh Again?

Have you looked at your silk flower arrangements lately? Do they look dull and unlively?

If you haven't done any cleaning on your silk flowers, you should.

How to clean silk flowers?

The methods to clean silk flowers can be divided into 2. The traditional method and the modern method.

The traditional method, of course, is to clean silk flowers using a damp cloth. You just damp a piece of cloth with water, then

wipe away the dust on the petals or leaves of the silk flowers.

Another way is to use a feather duster to get rid of the dust stuck onto the silk flowers. But the downside is, it is hard to remove those stubborn dust that has been accumulated for a long time.

Some homemakers also use a hair-dryer to blow off the dust. This way also might not be effective if the dust is difficult to get rid of.

Overall, the traditional method of cleaning silk flowers is inexpensive but considered time consuming and not effective for stubborn dust and dirt.

The modern method uses a special chemical spray. If you spray onto silk flowers, it will dissolve away the dirt and grime, leaving the silk flowers looking fresh.

Using a chemical spray is fast and effective for accumulated dust. But some also fear that the chemical might change the color or texture of the silk flowers.

Furthermore, cleaning silk flowers using chemicals is expensive and exposure to chemical might not be good to health.

Should I dismantle the arrangement?

Depends really. Of course cleaning one flower at a time when the flower is still inserted is quite a hassle. But if you see that the arrangement is out of shape, it is better to rearrange and revive your arrangement.

How will cleaning affect my silk flowers?

Cleaning may have an effect to your silk flowers but if you take these precautions, maybe your silk flowers can last longer.

After you clean your silk flowers, avoid drying the flowers in the sun. The sunshine may cause the color to fade.

Do not use hot water for cleaning. The hot temperature may melt the glue of the silk flowers and make the flowers fall out.

Also, during cleaning, do not wipe the petals vigorously. Some silk flower materials are very delicate and need gentle care.

Always handle the silk flowers with care. They can last longer than they should be.

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