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What is the most suitable type of flower for birthdays?

I always say that the best birthday flower is the favourite flowers of the receiver. This is the best way to go. However, if you would like to choose, the common ones would be roses, orchids or lilies.

If you would like something more symbolic, I have a page on birthday flowers that you can refer to. It will show you if your birthday falls on January, what is the flower type for you.

Also check out the meaning of flowers page for the hidden meaning behind each flower and also rose meanings if you decide on roses.

I want to enjoy my arrangements longer. How can I do that?

To enjoy your arrangements longer, your flower treaments are important. There are several pages on this site that discusses this. Techniques and tips to treat your flowers so that your flowers last longer. You can check these pages...

Applying the techniques above, combined with frequent misting of the flowers with Finishing Touch, you should be able to enjoy your arrangement longer.

I don't know anything about flowers or arrangements but I want to make my own wedding bouquet. Is it possible?

No problem. Most DIY brides start at zero level, but they manage to have a beautiful wedding with beautiful flower arrangements of fresh flowers. It is not impossible. It takes a little bit of research and practise to make beautiful arrangements. Do browse the bouquet and centerpiece galleries on this site for ideas and don't forget a visit to the Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers page where you'll find easy tutorials on how to make your own wedding bouquet.

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