How To Make A Hand Tied Posy Bouquet Using Orchids

A hand tied posy bouquet is a bridal bouquet that gathers flowers in a bunch, arranged into a round shape. Some hand tieds reveal the flowers natural stem. But the bouquet that I'm going to show you is not a natural stem posy bouquet.

The materials I use are very less but resulted in a beautiful and simple bridal bouquet.

I only use pink cymbidium orchids and green dendrobiums. Of course other materials such as floral wire, floral tape and satin ribbon is needed.

First, when you buy the pink cymbidium orchids, it will arrive in a long stem.

Cut each flower separately and begin to wire and tape them using floral tape.

Whenever you're not working with the orchids, leave them in a bowl of water to let them not get dehydrated.

Cut the green dendrobiums into shorter lengths. Then, while placing the pink cymbidiums in your hand one by one, form a smal round bouquet, as shown in the picture below..

As you go along adding the pink cymbidium one by one, tape each cymbidium so that they hold together.

Then, while firmly holding the small bouquet in your hands, place the green dendrobiums around the pink cymbidiums. Then, tape these together with the pink cymbidiums.

Continue taping until you've taped all the stems together.

Now, use a red satin ribbon and wrap the taped stem.

Then, tie a ribbon at the top of the stem.

And, you're hand tied posy bridal bouquet is done.

Now that you know how to make a hand tied posy bouquet, you can pick the flowers of your choice and make for your friends on their wedding.

You can also add more designs to your posy bouquet like adding pearls, or you can just keep it simple.

Check out the ideas below for making your own bouquets...

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