Green Bridal Bouquets

Green bridal bouquets that are sweet and natural looking for your green wedding theme.

You think you have limited choices of green flowers for your wedding bouquet?

Think again.

Green Flowers

What green flowers are used as wedding flowers?

Most of the time, we associate green to foliage and leaves. But flowers can be green, too.

The Calla Lily comes in green, known as the Green Goddess. The Hydrangea and the Tuberose can be green in color. So does the Orchid like Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums. They are beautiful orchid blooms and very popular in bridal bouquets.

Tropical flower like the Anthurium has green variety as well.

The Ornamental Cabbage or Kale are nice, too. They also usually used in centerpieces but can be used in bouquets as well. The Molucella has many thorns but they produce 'mass' in arrangements. You can also see Viburnum and Ornithogalum in wedding bouquets.

Photos of unique green bridal bouquets

green bridal bouquets

A sweet round bouquet of white roses, white freesias, white eustomas and viburnum. Very natural looking.

green bridal bouquets

An elegant bouquet of white mini callas and green cymbidium.

green bridal bouquets

A round posy bouquet of green orchids in the outer layer and white tulips in the middle.

green bridal bouquets

You could also use green roses in combination with white alstromerias, green viburnums and spider mums in green, just like this bouquet here.

green bridal bouquets

And here, add uniqueness to your bouquet by adding white feathers toa bouquet of green cymbidiums, green berries and beargrass.

green bridal bouquets

A beautiful cascading bouquet of white and green roses, with white and green dendrobiums. Look at how the Ti leaves are used, rolled and tucked between the blooms. Perfect for a tropical wedding.

green bridal bouquets

A hand tied bouquet of white roses, white phalaenopsis orchids and green cymbidiums.

For a more exotic look for your bouquet, you can add the Lady Slippers orchids or the pinwheel succulents. The ornamental cabbage in green is great, too. They are rather rare and pricey, but will make your bouquet memorable.

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