Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquet

A gerbera daisy wedding bouquet can be sweet, elegant and fun!

A gerbera daisy wedding bouquet is available all year round and come in any color you want. Red, white, orange, yellow, pink, even two-toned colors.

That's why they are quite popular and became the choice for many brides for their gerbera wedding.

Also can be used for a spring wedding or a winter wedding, gerbera daisies are very versatile.

Somehow, when you use gerbera daisies, you get this impression of fun and cheerful. Same goes for wedding bouquets, when you use them in bridal bouquets, you get the image of 'fun' brides.

Maybe that's the reason they are popular for a spring or summer wedding bouquet.

They can be used by themselves in a bouquet, but they can also be accompanied by roses or tulips, depending on what your preferences are.

Gerber Daisy Bouquet Ideas

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

A lovely round bouquet for the bridesmaids. Hot pink gerbera daisies and pittosporums are all that's needed.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

Different shades of pink gerbera daisies, from the light pink, to striking pink to dark pink, mixed with ivory roses in this beautiful bouquet.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

Dark pink gerbers (near to magenta), with hot pink roses in this hand tied bouquet.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

Here, a sweet bouquet of pink gerbera daisies, tied with a sweet pink ribbon.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

Another pink bouquet, using a darker shade of gerbera daisies, this time tied with a white sheer ribbon. It totally gave the bouquet a different look.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

Bright orange gerbers, with pink roses in this hand tied bouquet.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

An orange bouquet of orange gerbera daisies, with dried salix. When carrying this bouquet, we need to make sure the pointy salix will not get caught in the wedding gown.

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

A sweet bouquet of pink gerberas, light pink roses, hot pink roses and hypericum berries.

A Summer Themed Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquet

gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

As a summer themed wedding bouquet, I combined bright summer colors of fuchsia, orange, yellow and red in this hand tied bouquet. I used hot pink or fuchsia gerbers, with bright orange gerbers, cathamus, yellow ranunculuses and bear grass spears. The beargrass leaves were bunched and made into loops of different sizes and secured with a florist wire beforehand. The ranunculuses and cathamus were positioned in between the flat gerbera daisies. The beargrass loops were added around and in between the flowers to create movement to the bouquet. Lastly, tie the stems with a decorative ribbon, bearing the same color hues as the flowers. Perfect for your summer wedding.

Make Your Own Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

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