How to Plan Your Garden Wedding Theme

What to look out for in garden wedding theme.

How very romantic to walk down a lovely rose petal carpeted aisle with the sunshine matching your radiance as you glide into the arms of your beloved to begin your life as one.

While the dress is the focal point to highlight the bride, the flowers pull the whole mood together.

The flowers in a wedding carry the theme and lend a romantic, elegant touch to your special day.

The flowers in a garden wedding theme can add a delicate, simple touch to your wedding, or create sophisticated drama. It is all in the flower.

Most likely, if you are having a garden wedding theme, it will occur during the warmer months of the year.

Depending on the region, some climates are warm and dry while others are hot and humid. You have to take this into consideration when selecting your garden wedding flowers.

Garden Wedding Flowers

Calla lilies, for instance, tend to wilt in about four hours. Roses, on the other hand, stand up much better to the unique conditions that the great outdoors provides.

Princess orchids are another favorite garden wedding flower. Baby's breath and ferns are nice fillers as well with the roses or orchids being the focal point.

Of course, dried flowers or silk flowers are always an option.

While the bridal bouquet is often what we think of first when we think of wedding flowers, that is, by far, not the only arrangement that is needed.

Depending on the formality of the wedding, there are many arrangements that are needed such as bouquets for the bridal party, boutonnières, centerpieces, the flower girl's basket, corsages for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, a throw away bouquet, flowers for the cake topper and flowers to mark the seating for the bride's family and the groom's family.

The list can even go on from there. As the bride, you may want flowers in your hair or you may want your flower girl to drop rose petals down the aisle.

Long stem roses tied with a ribbon are considered the garden wedding look. Perhaps add a few baby's breaths to add some romance.

However, a single rose is very elegant and quite romantic.

Garden Wedding Tips

It is important that your flowers and plants not be exposed to too much heat and sun prior to the start of the wedding.

Keep in mind that wild flowers tend to wilt faster than flowers from a florist. For instance, fruit tree blossoms should be avoided unless you can give them the special pre-care that they require.

The best way to keep your wedding flowers looking fresh is to keep them in water. You can use water picks on the ends of the flowers' stems or keep them in water, out of the sun until the very last minute.

You should also keep your arrangements out of the sun and try to appoint someone whose sole duty it is to make sure that all the flowers have plenty of water at all times.

That person can also be in charge of putting the flowers out just before the ceremony begins. This way your flowers will be perky longer.

If you are having your wedding in an actual garden, you need to do a little research so that you know what types of flowers will be blooming at the time of your wedding.

You should keep in mind that though you may have selected a special date to coincide with the peak blooming time of certain flowers or of that garden, you should always have a back up plan.

Be ready to provide your own flowers and plants in the event that the season does not yield the blooms that you anticipated.

Also, you may not want to have the site of your wedding under trees that are pollinating because this can stain clothing and chairs as well as attract even more insects, namely bees.

A garden wedding theme is beautiful and give your special day a simple, traditional, touch of country.

Your garden wedding flowers, when well planned for, will give you a beautiful wedding that you will cherish always.

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