Fresh Flower Corsages

Fresh flower corsages with beautiful fresh flowers uniquely designed and arranged with glittering accessories and fancy ribbons. The desire of all future brides.

To make unique looking corsages, you need to choose decoration materials that contrast but complement your flowers. For example, if you choose materials that has the same color as your flowers, your flowers will not stand out and your corsage will look boring. Find ways to spice up your corsages by adding contrasting material whether in texture, shape or color.

fresh flower corsages

Here is a shoulder corsage made using white carnations and foxtail. For decoration, I used red and white ribbon, with a red rattan ball. This corsage will surely get noticed.

fresh flower corsages

For this corsage, I used dried branches as the backing. On top of it, I glued on yellow ranunculuses with a littl ebit of its foliage for a different texture. To add lines to this corsage, I used deep green beargrass in loops. I accented the beargrass with yellow rhinestones.

To make the flowers in your corsage look fresh longer, there are several tips that you could follow. When making corsages using the wiring technique, you need to wire and tape each flower material singly. When doing this, you could add some wet cotton to the wired flower, then tape the flower with the wet cotton. This will make your flowers last longer.

Other than that, you could also spray your completed corsages with fresh flower spray. It actually coats the flower surface with a thin chemical to protect the flowers and keep it from drying fast.

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