Freesia Wedding Bouquets

Freesia wedding bouquets with just freesias or mixed with roses and other flowers look equally stunning as any other bouquet.

Freesias that come in white, yellow, lavender and pink look so lovely and can be combined with other wedding flowers to make beautiful bouquets. They are in multiple blooms in a stem with buds at the end. This unique characteristic of the freesia flower make it a sought after flower.

Below are bridal bouquet ideas that carry this lovely and unique flower.

freesia wedding bouquets

Here is a hand tied bouquet of white freesias and white roses. The bouquet handle is wrapped with white ribbon and tied in a french braid style.

freesia wedding bouquets

A colorful hand tied bouquet, this time using yellow freesias, hot pink spray roses, red roses and orange roses. The bouquet is accented with a pink butterfly.

freesia wedding bouquets

This bouquet uses violet freesias and white roses. The soft purple against the white roses are a sweet combination. Finish the bouquet off with a lavender colored ribbon.

freesia wedding bouquets

An all white freesia bouquet, tied with a white ribbon and decorated with pearls.

freesia wedding bouquets

A hand tied bouquet of mango calla lilies, orange cockscomb, white calla lilies, yellow freesias and peacock.

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