Flower Girl Headbands

Instead of wearing a hair wreath, the flower girl can also wear flower girl headbands, made of fresh flowers. Take a plain plastic hair band, a floral adhesive and some small flower blooms. Glue each flower head onto the hair band and around it to decorate it. The hair band can easily be worn by the flower girl.

This headband is made of red berries, lavender statice and blue hydrangeas.

flower girl headbands flower girl headbands

Another idea is choose a slightly bigger flower bloom and glue the flower on one side of the hair band. Choose a peony, a rose or ranunculus, flowers with big blooms. Match the flower color to the wedding theme. This is a simple idea but a great accessory to the flower girl.

flower girl headbands

These ideas can also be used for elastic headbands. Most of the elastic ones are made of fabric. They go well with faux flowers. Glue each flower bloom on them or choose several blooms to glue onto one part of the headband will work too.

flower girl eadbands

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