Flower Girl Flowers

Flower girl flowers such as a hair circlet, a flower ball, a small petite bouquet or a flower girl basket for the pretty flower girl.

During the wedding reception, the bride is not the only one who should look beautiful. The flower girl should look pretty, too.

A flower girl should wear a flower girl dress with matching shoes. I would prefer flower girl shoes that are covered and comfortable to walk with. Gloves are optional. To add to her looks, flower girl flowers like a bridal hairpiece, small flower girl bouquet or a flower girl basket is worn and carried with her during the wedding ceremony.

Flower Girl Hairpiece

flower girl flowers

A hairpiece has various types. A hairpiece can be floral wreaths or just fresh flowers on the head.

Hair circlets or floral wreaths are usually made of silk flowers. The flower girl can also wear a bun wrap, a barette or a small tiara or crown. A veil can be worn together with the tiara.

Flower girl headbands look good on the flower girl as well. Decorate the headband by gluing small blooms together.

It is exciting to dress up the flower girl because she will look so adorable when she's all dressed up. When she's done, she will need a flower girl basket.

Flower Girl Basket

flower girl flowers

A flower girl basket is actually a small basket wrapped in satin and decorated with ribbons or flowers. The inside of the basket is filled with flower petals or flower stems. Some even put potpourri in it.

A flower girl basket is easy to make. Just take any small wicker basket with handle, wrap the basket with satin cloth. Wrap the handle as well.

Use your creativity to decorate the basket with crystals, rhinestones or pearls, ribbons or even silk flowers. It is one way of saving your money. You can even match the decoration of the basket with the flower ring.

Flower Girl Bouquet

flower girl flowers

The flower girl could also carry a flower girl bouquet. It could be a small bunch of flowers, arranged into a posy or just loosely tied.

The choice of flowers could be the same as the brides' but the size should be smaller. The same flowers could be used for the hair. For example, a posy of daisies or gerber daisies will look lovely.

Designing the petite bouquet for the little one can be fun! You have to design something cute, something sweet and something that matches the wedding theme. Don't forget the technical aspect of it, your design must be light so that the flower girl will be able to carry it.

Nowadays, people like more unique bouquets like a wand bouquet, a pomander bouquet and for some a fan bouquet.

You can also use kiddy accents for your bouquet, like polka dot ribbons, rainbow lollipops and butterflies, just to keep the design interesting.

flower girl bouquet

A dark pink gerbera hand tied bouquet for the flower girl. It matches the flower girl's dress of light pink.

flower girl bouquet

A round bouquet with a black rose in the middle and pink roses surrounding the black rose.

Flower Girl Ball

flower girl flowers

A pomander is a ball, made of flowers. A ribbon is tied to the ball for the flower girl to carry. The pomander can be accessorized with decorative wires, jewels and other materials.

Flowers like daisies, peonies, lisianthus and roses are popular for the pomander.

Flower Girl Wand

flower girl wand

A wand bouquet of pink rose. The rose stem is wrapped with pink organza ribbon all the way, and the same ribbon is used to collar the pink rose. Also use diamante pins near the rose to give more sparkle to the rose.

Flower Girl Hair Wreath

The flower girl hair wreath is a ring of flowers with a trailing ribbon, to be worn on the head. Each flower or material is wired to form a round.

Hyacinth pips, spray roses and alstromerias are great for hair wreaths.

Flower Girl Satchel

Another idea is to carry a satchel. A satchel is a satin bag or a pouch, decorated with ribbons or pearls. In it, you can put rose petals or even scented potpourri.

These are some flower girl accessories that you can use to dress up your flower girl. You can make them your own or have your florist do it for you. Either way, you are now familiar with flower girl accessories and know what to ask for.

Wedding Flower Petals

flower girl flowers

The flower girl will throw flower petals from the basket when she walks down the aisle. There are three kinds of flower petals - fresh, silk and dried.

Each has a different texture. The fresh is softer but they can stain. And they are also pricey compared to the silks. The silks do not stain and can be a good choice.

There are many other uses of the petals, not just for the flower girl. For the flower girl, the petals can be carried in a basket, a satchel or a cone with handle.

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