Uncover Flower Arranging Tips Florists Use In Their Flower Arrangements

Why do you need flower arranging tips?

When doing flower arrangements, you are sure to encounter some difficulties. Sometimes the flower will not be how you want it to be, especially when dealing with fresh flowers.

Sometimes the stem is not straight or not strong enough to hold. So here are some flower arranging tips to help make your lifeeasier.

If you follow these tips, you may find flower arranging is much more fun. You can do more things once you know how to control your flowers.

Let's see how useful are these flower arranging tips...

  • reinforcing gerbera stems with wire
  • maintaining dracena curls
  • bendable ruscus leaves
  • neat wiring works
  • neat taping
  • controlling the flatness of gerberas
  • securing ivy leaves
  • inserting wide leaves like the bird's nest leaf

Reinforcing gerberra stems with wire

Gerbera stems are very soft. When inserting in an arrangement, it will become flimsy after a while. To make it easier to work with them, insert florist wire and twist around the stem. If you want to hide the wire, tape with floral tape. This will help strengthen the gerbera stem.

Maintaining dracena curls

Dracena leaves are often used in flower arrangements. At times it is used 'curled'. How to maintain the curl? We use the stapler to make the curl stay.

Bendable ruscus leaves

To make ruscus leaf bendable, just insert a floral wire at the back and bend the two sides downwards. Now, you can bend it anyway you like.

Neat wiring works

When doing wiring, the important thing for the work to look neat. When you do wiring on fresh flowers, instead of ending witha twist, don't twist. Cut and insert the remaining wire into the stem or flower. That way, your works look neater.

Neat taping

Taping works also must be neat. The stems that are wrapped with floral tape must be thin but tight. How to achieve that?Cut the tape into half. Wrap a stem with only half the width of the tape. That way, your taping will look neat.

Controlling the flatness of gerberas

Gerberas after a while will bloom and become too 'opened'. To avoid that from happening, use cellophane tape and tape around the back of the flower. Control the flatness of the flower if you don't want your gerbera to open too much and become really flat.

Securing ivy leaves

Ivy leaves are quite difficult to work with. In an arrangement, we want to show the lines that the ivy leaves make but how to control it?Easy. Use short floral wires and secure them to the foam. Your ivy leaves will stay at its place, at the same time displaying its beautiful lines.

Inserting wide leaves like the bird's nest leaf

When you need to insert wide leaves like the bird's nest leaf, you will find that it is difficult to do so. What you could do is cut the flat end into a pointed end like the picture shown.Then it will be easier to insert and hold the leaf in place.

More flower arranging tips and techniques...

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