Flower Arrangement Ebooks Review By Liztiany Zakaria

Create Your Own Wedding Flowers

'Create Your Own Wedding Flowers' is an ebook about creating your own bridal bouquet and other flowers for your wedding.

It is written by Cindy Lymbery and Paul Ajao. They run a flower shop and specializes in wedding flowers. They are experts in wedding flowers and all their skills and techniques are put into this ebook.

People who have read this book has commented that this book is very informative and an easy read because pictures are included in every step.

Another reader has commented that it has great designs. Some of the designs that you can make are a pink roses hand tied bouquet, calla lilies arm bouquet, orchid and rose boutonnieres and table centerpieces.

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Flower Arrangements Made Simple

Judith A. Babb, has been designing flower arrangements for friends for more than 15 years. Her specialty is in simple but elegant designs.

She has compiled all her best creations and techniques in this flower arrangement ebook called 'Flower Arrangements Made Simple', which includes photographs and detailed steps.

She shares her flower arranging techniques in the creations that could save you around 50% off florist costs.

You can save dollars on your wedding bouquet, too. Because she has included a section on wedding bouquets that others have spent a lot of money on.

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The Beginner's Guide To Wedding Flowers

This ebook is written by Nadine Visscher, who has experience is flower arranging for more than 15 years.

This ebook will teach you how to create specific types of bouquets such as a hand-tied bouquet, tussie-mussie, cascading bouquet, nosegay, candy bouquet, round bouquet, crescent bouquet, beidermeier, and an arm bouquet.

It will also teach you how to make boutonnieres, corsages, prayer book/Bible bouquets, wrist corsages, flower girl baskets, floral hair pieces, posies, cake toppers and pew decorating.

With the steps provided in her ebook, you will learn
* how to wire or tape flowers properly,
* how to treat your flowers properly (so they are not all limp the morning of your special day),
* what flowers are available when,
* what angle to insert the flowers.

So, you will learn how to make your own wedding flowers, but following the professional florist methods and techniques.

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