Florist Tools And Supplies For Your Flower Arrangement Work

Do you want to make your flower arrangements look like a professional florist's work? Having florist tools and supplies can help.

Here are some of the most common florist tools and supplies you can have. Having these tools make your flower arrangement work easier with added professional touch.

I use these tools in my floral arranging works and I find that they are now indispensable. They really help you get things done faster and easier.


A multi-purpose scissors is a good choice. It can cut wires, ribbons, papers and also silk stems. Because of its many uses, it is very convenient to have one.

You can save money by buying a pair of scissors that can be used for many purposes. For me, I prefer separate pairs of scissors to cut paper and wire.

To cut paper, your scissors must always be sharp so that you can get a clean cut. If you also cut wires with the same scissors, it will get easily blunt.

Although a pair of scissors can cut wires, it might be a good idea to get a wire cutter. One that specializesin wire cutting. There's no more worry on your scissors breaking while cutting thick wire. Or your hands might get hurt. You have to be careful.

A floral knife can be used to cut floral foams and styrofoams into sizes that fit your container. You can get a normal kitchen knife to do the job.But make sure you separate that knife from those that you use to cut food.

Floral Tape

A floral tape is a green-coloured tape used to wrap multiple stems to become one. Since it is strechable, it is easy to work with. This floral tape is very useful for making corsages or buttonieres.

It comes in green, light green, white and brown. Choose the colour according to your needs. If you are wrapping stems, green is a good choice. If you are wrapping branches or dried stems, brown floral tape is better.

Floral Clay

Floral Clay is water-proof and easy to be shaped. Because of its water-proof nature, it can be used to seal leaks in containers.

Apart from that, it can also be used to hold stems in a flower arrangement. Might be good for positioning candles too. Only drawback is, your flower arrangement becomes heavier.

Floral Wire

To make your floral stems hold stronger in your bouquet, use floral netting to wrap your floral foam. It's bendable and easily cut.

Instead of throwing away flower stems that are wrongly cut, use floral wire to extend the stem. This way, you save your beautiful flowers. It comes in various diameters and bendable, which makes them easy to twist and turn.

Copper wire might become handy, too. If you are making structures in your arrangement. For example, rattan structures, you can tie the rattan together with copper wire.

What I like about this copper wire is that no matter how you twist and bend it, the color stays. I also use it to make pearl strands to use in my arrangements.

Floral Foam

Another important thing in florist tools and supplies is the floral foam. It is a green-coloured block of foam and it can absorb water. That is why it is suitable for fresh flowers. Wetting the foam in your arrangement can make your flowers last longer. The foam is easily cut, too. You can fit it in any container size or shape.

For artificial flowers, you might want to use floral foam for artificial flowers. You do not have to soak it in water. You can use it as it is.

For making wedding bouquets, you'll definitely need a bouquet holder. It is a plastic round container with a handle. It either comes with a pre-shaped foam or not. It comes in various sizes, too. You can make cascade bouquets or round bouquets with these.

To find out more about floral foams, click here...


It would be convenient to get a pair of pliers. Why?Some wired stems are really hard to bend using hands. Those stems can easily be bent with a goor pair of pliers.

I always use the nose pliers because it can reach hard-to-reach places and perform the job as well.


Adhesive is another must-have. It is very useful when dealing with silk flowers or making a gift. You can either choose a tube type glue, a glue gun or a spray type.

I have all three but I mostly use the glue gun and the spray type glue.

The glue gun is very useful when you are dealing with silk flowers. The spray adhesive is used for example when you want to cover floral foam with moss.

If you are looking for containers, ribbons, candles, balloons and other supplies, you can find out where to get them here.

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