Floral Design Ideas

by Anson Low

Great floral design ideas by Anson Low, a floral designer from Singapore. Hope you can appreciate his designs, shown below.

The first arrangement was a low and long arrangement of purple vanda orchids. One part vanda orchids and in another part are spikey leaves. The fillers are wax flowers.

Here is the close-up of the arrangement from top. As you can see, in the middle are small sticks tied together using copper wire to break the straight lines from the foliage.

This is a simple yet elegant glass arrangement using deep purple peonies. Along the oval glass vase, are lotus sliced diagonally and glued onto the surface of the glass.

This one is a tall and slim arrangement, using a tall vase. Dried branches are arranged upside down, with ornithogalum flowers and black calla lilies inside plastic tubes placed among them.

This is also a tall arrangement, using tropical flowers like anthuriums and heliconias. For beautiful lines, the designer used folded draceana leaves.

This is a medium sized arrangement, using only white eustomas. The bottom is horizontal, but the top is vertical. I have second thoughts about this one.

Here is a close-up of the bottom part. The container is covered with coils of braided rope. You can see the eustomas are placed inside plastic tubes and covered with green plastic.

An abstract piece with small stones, some moss and yellow chrysanthemums. A standing bark is placed, with red rubber seeds inside.

A vertical arrangement of bleached branches, incorporated with skews arranged horizontally. Below is a close-up the skews.

Each skew has yellow roses in plastic tubes, red chillies, lemon and rolled up johol leaves. An interesting combination of vegetable and flower and color.

A shallow arrangement of black discs in a row. To break the sequence, a dried branch is placed on top with some flowers. Below is the close-up of the flowers.

You could see purple orchids, vibernum, polycia leaves and some maroon berries. Perfect combination with the black-colored discs.

This piece is a flat arrangement, suitable for wall decoration. The flowers used are orange gerberas, anthuriums and heliconia.

To the details of the orange gerberas, look at the close-up below. The gerberas are actually in plastic tubes. The plastic tubes are wrapped with leaves to make them look like cones. Then, in the middle of the flat gerbera surface, are seeds that are pinned to the center. Very detailed work.

This floral design idea is an arrangement of red anthuriums, green amaranthus, red orchids with short bleached branches.

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