Floral Centerpiece Designs

by Anson Low

Below floral centerpiece designs are by Anson.

He explained to us the techniques and materials he used to make the arrangement and it proved to be very educational, for flower arranging newbies like me.

A vertical arrangement in a beautiful vase. Steel grass and snake grass arranged vertically, spreading out at the top. Coconut leaf strips intertwined horizontally. White carnations and green cymbidium are used in this arrangement. To cover up the base, short lengths of dried coconut leaves are tied up with wire are used.

A stand with a painting. To complement this painting, gloriosa and vibernum are used. They are inserted into tubes that are placed cleverly behind the painting. Ideally, it can be used in front of a wall.

This floral centerpiece design is a low arrangement in a wide plate. A beautiful steel structure is used. The designer did not want to cover the beautiful structure, so he decorated the sides of the structure with orange roses, orange gerberas, red hypericum berries and mini anthuriums.

A big structure of 3 rectangular boards. The designer used the hanging heliconias, philodendron leaves, asparagus ferns, mini watermelon vine and green anthuriums.

This floral centerpiece design is a fruit basket. If you see clearly, the container is quite low. The designer extended the height of the container, by using black round boards, glued together, repeating the form of the container itself. Strawberries and plums are used with burgundy callas and burgundy cymbidiums. A very classy fruit basket.

A triple arrangement in one. The height of the containers were again extended by the designer using floral foam, wrapped in red draceana leaves, pinned together. On top, the hanging heliconias, fruit casas, amaranthus and green cymbidiums. If the designer made 1 arrangement, the impact cannot be seen. If he puts 3 in a row, you can clearly see the power of the heliconias.

This is an extension to the round arrangement. Instead of having the ordinary round arrangement, the designer spiced it up by attaching two long extensions at the sides. The extensions are made of rattan balls, which size is getting smaller to the end. For connectivity, the same rattan ball is inserted in the round arrangement. It turned out to be an elegant table centerpiece.

This is a twin arrangement in half-moon containers. Inside each container, are stacks of coconut leaves wrapped up to form cones. Inside the container also, are white small stones. When water is poured into the container, the water level will rise up and fill up the cones with water and transform the cones into containers. For the flowers, the designer used mauve anthuriums, burgundy cymbidium orchids and some kind of small flowers.

For this floral centerpiece design, the designer is showing the beautiful repetitive designs of the container. So he placed pink colored rattan balls inside the container. To decorate the rattan balls, the designer used pink cymbidium orchids and a darker colored berries. Then, he added steel grass, decorated with pink accents. The arrangement changed dramatically after adding the steelgrass.

This is a very bold arrangement using two same containers, one slightly taller than the other. The color of the container is black and white, very strong colors. So, red roses are the most appropriate flower for this container. The designer used black aluminium wire and form a structure and place it securely on the container. He then inserted the red roses into the structure. The beargrass added lines into this arrangement.

The container used in this arrangement is round and transparent. The designer added long cardboards, wired together and secured each piece at the sides of the container. The inside of the container is hollow and see-through. Along the sides are plastic tubes of water for the flower insertion. The designer used orange dendrobiums, green vibernum, red berries and some kind of black seeds.

Here is a simple arrangement of phalaenopsis orchids. the technique shown by the designer is the use of sticks, bundled together, then burned on each side. This creates a nice effect and complements the containers very well.

For the last piece, it is actually yellow tulips arranged vertically, accented with beargrass. The base is covered with moss.

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