Choices Of Filler Flowers

Filler flowers are flowers that are mainly used to fill up gaps in an arrangement. Usually, they are bushy in form and always exist in clusters.

Below are examples of common flowers used as fillers.

Hypericum Berries

hypericum berrries

These berries come in multi colors like orange, green, burgundy and red. These colors are likely for summer arrangements but using them in fall arrangements are good as well.

Their stems are quite hardy so insertion will be strong.


Another common fillers are asters. They are grown on single stems, but because of its small size, they can be used as fillers.

Available in white, blue, purple, pink and other colors.


Solidago is also known as Golden Rod or Peacock. They are available in yellow and often used as fillers.


Statice have paper-like texture. Available in purple, pink, white and violet.

They are known to be able to last long without water.

Baby's Breath

These are sweet white small flowers, also called Gypsophilia. Their stems are very soft, so when inserting them, it is better to insert several stems at once.

They cannot last that long without water.

Wax flower

These are Australia's native flower. Very sweet flowers, available in white, pink and red.

wax flower


Limoneum are tiny-like flowers as well. Grown in thin branches that are not very strong. Insertion can be difficult.

Queen Anne's lace

Queen Anne's lace are clusters of white flowers. In an arrangement, they stand out quite strongly, so a small amount is sufficient to be used in arrangements.

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