Fan Interpretive Arrangement

I guess you hardly see a fan interpretive arrangement. Here's one example.

I made this arangement using pink gerberras, orange gladioulus, white peacocks, white pom poms and some ferns.

It is similar to the typical fan arrangement but has more design. In a normal fan arrangement, all the points in the arrangement uses the same types of flower.

Here, different flowers are used but they compliment each other.

Since the top of the fan shape and the base is quite a distance, how to fill the flowers in the middle involves creativity.

First, I made the fan frame using orange gladiolus and white peacocks alternatively.

Then, I cover up the foam using ferns.

In my fan interpretive arrangement, I made the letter S using pink gerberras in the focal area. I also used white pompoms for filling up the empty spaces.

This type of arrangement is very rare now, I wonder why. But, it is most suitable for room decoration.

The best place to place it is beside a wall because of the flatness at the back of this arrangement.

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