Edible Centerpieces

Edible centerpieces will add freshness to your wedding!

Edible centerpieces are centerpieces with edible materials like fruits, vegetables, candies among other stuff. Fruits like green apples, red grapes, lemons and limes, mixed iwth matching flowers are often sought after by brides for their fresh look.

Their different shapes and textures mix well with flower and foliage materials to create beautiful wedding centerpieces like the ones below.

Assorted Vegetables

edible centerpieces

In a big martini glass, make a round arrangement which consists of orange roses, assorted vegetables like limes, capsicums, cabbages, asaparagus and also dianthus. Surrounding the big centerpiece, you can also complement it with smaller 'martinis' of green cymbidiums and slices of fresh lime.


edible centerpieces

In a slightly tall glass container, fill up with fresh yellow lemons. Line the container with yellow and white checkered ribbon. Then, place a tray, already fitted with absorbed foam onto the vase. Insert the Golden Ramseys in the middle and vertically. Then, cover the rest of the exposed foam with white daisies. A country chic looking fresh centerpiece.

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