How To Celebrate Easter With Easter Flowers

One way to celebrate Easter`s Day is decorating your home with Easter flowers.

Which flowers are associated with Easter?

They are lilies, chrysanthemums, tulips, azaleas, begonias or hyacinths. These flowers often bloom in Spring and at that time, it is perfect to be used in Easter flower arrangements.

So, you can decorate your home with flower bouquets that consist of these flowers.

easter flowers
easter basket arrangement

Let's see what is the meaning of each flower:

  • azalea - take care of yourself for me; temperance; fragile; passion; chinese symbol of womanhood

  • begonia - beware

  • chrysanthemum (general) - you're a wonderful friend; cheerfulness; rest

  • chrsanthemum (white) - truth

  • chrysanthemum (yellow) - slighted love

  • daffodil - regard; unrequited love; you're the only one; the sun is always shining when i'm with you

  • hyacinth (purple) - please forgive me

  • hyacinth (pink or red) - play

  • hyacinth (white) - i'll pray for you; loveliness

  • hyacinth (yellow) - jealousy

  • Lily (white) - pure; innocent

  • Lily (yellow) - live for the moment

  • Tulip (red) - declaration of love

  • Tulip (variagated) - beautiful eyes

  • Tulip (yellow) - I am hopelessly in love

easter flowers
easter bouquet

Easter is celebrated every year. Keep the tradition going for many years to come. This year, get a white lilyarrangement and place it at the center of your dining table.

This way, everyone in the family is reminded of Easter when they look at the easter flowers. When your friends come over,they also will be reminded to decorate their home for Easter.

To remind friends and relatives that Easter is coming, you can also send them a bouquet of Easter lilies. This way, the tradition will be kept alive.

To add more meaning to your Easter bouquet, add decorated eggs with your flowers. The eggs are decorated with the colors of spring because Easter is celebrated on March 27 every year.

easter flowers
easter table centerpiece

You can even get a rabbit plush to go with your flowers. This is a great idea for an Easter gift. The rabbit or bunny is a symbol of fertility.

Last of all, don`t forget to include a card message wishing your friends and family, Happy Easter!

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