How To Make A Dome Arrangement

A dome arrangement is the simplest form of arrangement. It is very easy to make. Here, I will show you how to make this very basic type of arrangement.

A dome is a round arrangement. I'm going to use pink carnations, tea leaves and yellow peacock.

First, I'm going to prepare a container. The container used for this arrangement is usually low and shallow.

I soaked a 1/3 of a floral foam and insert it into the container. Leave around 1 cm of foam above the container. Now, we can start inserting the flowers. But before we do, let's understand the dome diagram below.

All the A, B and FP will be used up by carnations. Here is a simple calculation for what A, B and FP be like.

A = B = container height + foam height above the containerFP (Focal Point) = container height + foam height above the container + 1 inch

Now, you can start inserting the flowers. Choose the bigger bloomed flowers to be around the focal point area.

After you've inserted all the A's and B's, insert the remaining carnations (if you have any) into the empty spaces.

At this point, make sure that the shape of arrangement is round and not one flower is jutting out of the round shape.

To cover the floral foam, cut the tea leaves in short lengths and insert them into the foam.

When the foam is covered, cut the yellow peacock into short lengths and insert them into the empty spaces.

Now, your dome arrangement is ready.

You can place your dome arrangement in your living room to decorate it.

If this arrangement is too simple for you, try the dome interpretive arrangement.

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