Corsage And Boutonniere

Today's corsage and boutonniere is not just about the flowers. It's about the accessories and unique application of the flowers and materials that make your corsages and boutonnieres look stunning!

Look at examples below using the red roses, white daisies and other beautiful wedding flowers.

Red Roses

corsage and boutonniere

A red rose corsage with a matching boutonniere. Red roses, pink wax flowers and red berries, adorned with white floral ribbon and deep red ribbon.

White Daisies

corsage and boutonniere

A lovely yellow and white corsage using white daisies, yellow mum buds, foxtails, yellow and white checkered ribbon. The boutonniere is kept simple with just a single bloom of white daisy, a piece of foxtail and the checkered ribbon. The white daisy centers are decorated with white pearls for added design.

Yellow Ranunculus

corsage and boutonniere

A matching boutonniere and corsage using yellow ranunculuses. I had wanted to use only the yellow ranunculus and the dusty millers. But, found out that by adding the beargrass, with dark green in color, the corsage and boutonniere look better. Each flower material has a different texture, the ranunculuses are round, the beargrass straight, the dusty millers are quite fluffy. And for more contrast, I added the white and black polka dot ribbon for more variety. The bear grass were added so that they cover the other flower stems, and just tied with the floral tape.

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