Matching The Color Of Bridal Bouquet To Wedding Dress Color

There is no specific rule what color of bridal bouquet you should choose for a certain wedding dress color.

But, if you combine the two colors (wedding dress color and bridal bouquet color) well, it will be very pleasing to the eye.

And guests will notice that you have a better complexion due to the colors you wear.

Here is my guide on how to choose bridal bouquet color to match with your wedding gown color.

But before that, what impressions you bring if you wear a certain color of bridal bouquet? Let's look at the moods of color...

Color Meanings

White ...will give you an impression of winter, snow, purity, marriage, innocence, neutrality, cleanliness, etc.

Blue ....peaceful, calm, water, sky, cold and even depression. It can also mean dependable, trusty and committed.

Yellow ...cheerful, summer, friendship, joy, etc. It can also bring the meaning of happiness and optimism.

Pink ...romantic, sensitive, feminine, sweet, soft, gentle, etc. It also means romance and happiness.

Red, passionate, romance, bold, tropical, etc. Using this color demands your attention.

Purple the combination of the calm blue and fiery red. Softer hues like lavender carries the impression of romance and happiness, while the dark bright purple has the same impression as the bright hot red.

Green the color of nature, freshness and life itself. It can also mean pure and innocent.

Orange high in spirit, energetic and fun. It transmit warmth of the summer.

You might not realize it but sometimes it's true. Your personality can be told by the colors you wear.

Now you know what moods that color bring, let's look at how to match your wedding dress color to the color of bridal bouquet.

Matching The Color To Your Wedding Gown

If you are wearing a white or ivory wedding dress, basically you can carry any color of bridal bouquet.

White or ivory is a basic color and it easily matches with any color. Most brides wear this color.

But if you are wearing other than white or ivory colored wedding dress, let's say light purple or pink, you might have to consider the color of your bridal bouquet.

Your first option is to carry a bridal bouquet with the same color to your wedding dress but different shade. Let's say you are going to wear purple. Then, your bridal bouquet should include purple flowers, darker purple flowers and lighter purple flowers.

So everything is in harmony because of the same color. This is what we call monochromatic colors. Same color with different shades.

Your next option is to carry a bridal bouquet with alike colors. This is what we call analogous colors. For example, if you are wearing a red wedding dress, your bouquet should have violet or orange colored flowers in it.

Or you could carry a bridal bouquet which color complements your wedding dress color. Let me give you an example.

If you wear a purple wedding dress, you could carry a yellow colored bridal bouquet. Or, if you wear a blue wedding dress, you could carry an orange colored bouquet.

I think those who chooses to wear colors like these are very bold and daring. They choose not to look subtle and to look vibrant.

Of course it all depends on your preference.

Look at my picture gallery of bridal bouquets..

If you want to know more about colors, find out how florists combine colors in their arrangements here.

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