Christmas Flowers For Holiday Decorations

The types of christmas flowers to use in christmas decorations like christmas centerpieces, christmas swags, christmas wreaths and others are plentiful.

Below is a list of flowers you can use in your flower arrangements for christmas.


christmas flowers

Making the top of the list is of course the poinsettia. This flower cannot be found easily, they are available during the christmas season which makes them very special to be used in arrangements. They actually come in several colors like red, white, pink and other colors. Above are red poinsettias, pine leaves and pinecones in a round gold container.

Red Roses

christmas flowers

Red roses are an all-time favourite. You can use in any type of christmas arrangement like centerpieces, swags, wreaths, topiaries and even garlands. Here are red roses pomander with berries and red roses in a dark brown vase, both on a dark brown platter.

Red Gerber Daisies

christmas flowers

Red gerbera daisies are also popular in christmas because of its bright red color. They are also quite versatile, usually used in centerpieces and flower arrangements. Here are red gerbera daisies in a glass vase with gold curled wires.

Red Anthuriums

In the old days, anthuriums were not considered as the flower type for christmas. But now, it is quite popular and many florists don't mind using red anthuriums in their christmas designs.

Red Carnations

christmas flowers

Also an all-time favourite. This inexpensive flower is available all year round which makes it easy for florists to prepare for christmas. They are also popular to be used in candle centerpieces together with other christmas accents. Here are playful twin arrangements in christmas inspired mugs, with christmas accents and polka dot ribbon as a final touch.

Red Tulips

Red tulips are beautiful too. They remind you of spring but when used with other christmas accents, they make wonderful centerpiece ideas as well.

White Lilies

For a white christmas, choose white lilies. You can combine them green apples or red roses for a contrasting and interesting design. They make beautiful christmas centerpieces too.

Christmas Accents

christmas flowers

Besides the holiday flowers, you can use christmas accents like pinecones, red and green apples, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, christmas bells and other decorative items in your arrangements.

Not only that, with the use of decorative wires like bullion wire, flat wire, beaded wire and angel hair wire from Oasis, you can create unique and modern designs for christmas and have fun doing it.

Above are peppermint carnations with candy canes in a white wooden box.

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