Christmas Flower Designs

I was amazed at the christmas flower designs at an exhibition I attended.

The floral designers came up with creative ideas to make these beautiful floral designs. Each with their unique style and identity.

Two crescent arrangements made of short rattan sticks. On each crescent is red poinsettia. And from each poinsettia, you can see clear crystals hanging down.

This next arrangement mainly involves something like a bird cage. The 'cage' is decorated with rings of white and green pompons, green carnations and white dendrobiums.

Near the base are black seeds.

A simple arrangement of white phalaenopsis and pine leaves. The base is cotton wool and the container is triangular and lit with blue lights.

A cage arrangement of yellow gerberras and some Bakers Fern. I wonder why there are oranges hung on the cage.

Low christmas arrangement made of 2 parts. One part is red and the other is green.

Here is a closeup of the red part. Red carnations and white daisies are used.

Here is the closeup of the green part. Green pompons and white daisies are used. Accents are green and silver christmas balls.

A tall natural arrangement of red roses on top, cascaded with dried branches decorated with red christmas bells. On the body of the structure, are small dried leaves pinned to it.

A tall arrangement on silver container. A round arrangement of red carnations, with an armature decorated with silver bells and ivy leaves.

This is also a tall arrangement in a red container. The top part is decorated with pine leaves and red anthuriums. The container is then decorated with silver wire and silver balls.

A semi-sphere in a round plate. On top of the semisphere is a red candle. Surrounding the semi-sphere is water, filled up with cut pandan leaves, red ball ornaments and purple phalaenopsis.

This arrangement is depicting 2 christmas trees. The christmas tree is made of cinnamon sticks wired together and decorated with eucalyptus leaves. The tree is inserted into a square foam.

Here is a closeup.

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