Christmas Floral Designs

by Sally See

Stunning christmas floral designs by Sally See, one of Malaysia's renowned floral designer.

From what I can see, she has demonstrated exquisite skills as a professional floral designer, on par with designers overseas.

As you will soon find out yourself when looking at her creations below.

Round Table Centerpiece

This is a low round christmas centerpiece. The base is made of cardboard, on which Christmas bell ornaments of different sizes were glued.

The ornaments had a little hole on top to insert the flower and they are great containers as they can hold water inside.

Surrounding the ornaments are noble fir leaves. In between are small white flowers to mimick snow.

Yellow gerberas are then inserted into the christmas bells. Finally, for the ultimate christmas effect, Sally added lights.

This piece was placed on a round table, with christmas setting. You see the napkins were also decorated to match the centerpiece.

Long Table Centerpiece

Next, is a long table centerpiece. The base is also made from cardboard, cut into a rectangular shape. There are actually two layers to form the base.

One layer is wrapped with red paper and the other gold paper. Red and gold are christmas colors.

On the cardboard, are red and gold stars of different sizes glued to the board. In between them, are decorative wire which are curled to make room for tube containers.

Then, Sally added red anthuriums that go from the tubes, in between the wires.

For a starry night effect, she added red heart lights.

Here's a closeup.

You can see the napkin is also decorated.

Christmas Topiary

Here is a twin christmas arrangement. Two topiaries.

The stars, are actually made of dried berries stems. The star is attached to a stem coiled with aluminium wire.

The stem is then inserted into a red glass see-through container filled with small stones. The stones are meant to secure the stem.

In the container also, are mint fern leaves, just add a bit of greenery into the topiaries.

Near the hole in the star, red gerberras are placed with tubes. Lastly, she tied a christmas ribbon near the star.

Christmas Painting

This is a wall arrangement. Sally still wanted to use the elements of christmas in this 'painting' while maintaining the christmas colors.

So, on a rectangular cardboard wrapped with red cloth, she made shapes like stars (using two triangles) and crescents. The round shape is made of pine cones. The crescent is made of pines cones with green anthurium.

The star material is cypress sticks, decorated with Lady Slipper orchid. Although this is a wall decoration, she had successfully created a 3-dimensional structure.

Christmas Crescent

This is a very elegant and classy arrangement. The container itself is very unique. It has a velvety color of red and green, perfect for a christmas arrangement.

The armature is a combination of fan-shape and crescent-shape, made of rattan and red acrylic stems.

At both ends are hanging hearts. The heart is the repetitive shape of the container.

Sally chose red and green hydrangea which perfectly matches the container. On the armature, are red anthuriums and some vines. The vines are naturally curvy, so they break the rigid structure of the armature.

Great work by Sally.

Christmas Tree

Here is Sally's interpretation of christmas tree.

The tree structure is made of bleached sticks.

The wreaths are made of cotton wool and secured with gold pearl strands. On the lowest wreath, white dendrobiums are wrapped around the wreath.

On other wreaths are paphiopedilum orchids or Lady Slipper orchids. To connect between the wreaths are orchid grass roots.

Christmas Ball

Here is a christmas ball arrangement.

The first ball is made of curled pine leaves.

The ball is then placed in a weaved rattan semi-sphere structure. The rattan structure is then placed on top of a tall gold container.

From the rattan structure, red rose blooms are tied loosely. As a final touch, red lights are added to create a christmas atmosphere.

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