Christmas Centerpiece Ideas You Can Try At Home

Christmas is getting near and you're looking for christmas centerpiece ideas to decorate your home. Usually a christmas centerpiece is placed on the dining table as decoration during the holiday dinner.

Most of the time, christmas accents like cinnamons, apples and pinecones are used in the centerpiece. And most of the time also, red, gold, green or white candles are placed in the middle of the centerpiece.

Let's look at some simple centerpiece ideas that do not need much work to prepare...

Pictures of christmas centerpieces

christmas centerpiece ideas

Here is a christmas centerpiece idea of white roses, snowberries and leaves. To add a christmas accent, simply wrap the container with red and white ribbon. You can also add two straws which have already been wrapped with the same christmas colors.

christmas centerpiece ideas

A big bloom of red rose is too simple for a table centerpiece. So, you can accentuate the rose by adding pearls and leaves of different texture to the centerpiece.

christmas centerpiece ideas

Besides using roses, you can also make a table centerpiece out of cream colored gerbera daisies, pinecones and pine leaves.

christmas centerpiece ideas

Here is a simple 'christmas tree' centerpiece, made using ivy leaves glued to each other. Th backside of the ivy is exposed. You can also add the 'snow' effect by adding cotton, etc.

christmas centerpiece ideas

A white christmas centerpiece idea with white spider mums, white roses, white tulips, ornithogalums, ivy leaves and needle leaves in a container that looks like a tree bark.

christmas centerpiece ideas

For this centerpiece, the container is already very attractive and an attention grabber. You only need to add minimal flowers, like red gerbera daisies, beargrass and green china berries.

christmas centerpiece ideas

A box arrangement of peach roses, viburnums, berries and needle leaves with red and green net as accents.

christmas centerpiece ideas

A unique christmas centerpiece in a christmas inspired container. Use white pompons vertically, and at the base, add bell ornaments in colors to match the container.

Simple christmas centerpiece ideas for christmas...

  • Several red candles of different sizes, placed quite apart of each other. To connect them together, put a strand of cinnamon sticks, tied together using copper wire around the candles.Place the cinnamon sticks near to the table surface, intertwining between the candles. Next, take another strand of red berries, tied together also using copper wire and intertwine between the candles. This time, at about half the height of the candles.

  • Simply place a red candle in the middle of a flat red plate. Then, around the candle, put multicolored christmas ornaments and gold-sprayed pinecones.

  • Make a bouquet of red roses, arranged in a foam. Outline the roses with polycia tea leaves. Then, wrap the foam with candy canes. Lastly, tie a ribbon around the candy canes.

Other than the conventional centerpiece, you can also try something unique...

Ideas for decorating the dining table...

To celebrate Christmas to the fullest this year, here are some decoration ideas for your dining table thatcan change your friends impression on you....

  • Instead of candles, align 3 christmas mini topiaries on your dining table. The mini topiaries should glitter and sparkle with gold and silver, symbolizing the colours of Christmas.

  • You can also align 3 mini christmas trees. They are so cute, you can give them away as souvenirs to your guests, thanking them for coming over for Christmas.

  • When you set the table for Christmas dinner, wrap the napkin with a red satin ribbon and put some berries on the top. Simple but still signifies Christmas.

  • You can place an oval glass bowl filled with potpourries and a candle in the middle instead of your centrepiece. Place it at the centre of the table. The smell of the potpourri and enchantment of the candle light will make your family really feel like home.

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