Cheap Wedding Flowers

One of the ways to a budget wedding is to get cheap wedding flowers. Other ideas include to cut on florist costs, rental costs and flower decorations at only most visible places, etc.

When you visit the florist, she would ask what your wedding theme or style is, and maybe suggests a few flowers to include in your bouquets and centerpieces. She may suggests expensive flowers that you may not be aware of.

After reading this, you'll know better.

What are cheap wedding flowers?

These flower types are not costly and can be used to beautiful wedding flower arrangements.

Gypsophilias - Use them to make a topiary centerpiece, a round bouquet and even a boutonniere. Use black and white ribbon for a black and white wedding, or add laces for a vintage themed wedding.

Alstromerias - Also knows as Peruvian lilies, they are available in various colors including white, yellow, pink and red. They are usually used as fillers because they are small flowers, but you can group them together to make a bouquet or centerpiece.

Mums - Mums are generally big blooms, a single bloom can make a boutonniere, ad a few blooms tied together can make a bouquet. For a simple centerpiece, place a single in a small glass filled with water.

Carnations - These are absolutely lovely because of their frilly petals. They can be made into anything and matched with any flower. Most popular when used in pomanders or flower balls. You can find them in almost any color. Very versatile and cheap wedding flower.

Daisies - Daisy weddings are gorgeous. I like the white with yellow center variety. The ones in the pics above. Look at daisy wedding bouquet ideas.

Hypericums - Who would have thought you can make a bouquet of just hypericum berries? Yes, you can. They are often used to fill in gaps in an arrangement, but when you bunch them together, you get yourself a wedding bouquet.

Convert your expensive flowers

Subsitute these flowers for less expensive ones! One or two stems may not make a difference, but when you have them in all your centerpieces, it does matter.

These subsitutes does the job, too. They look similar to their counterpart and can be used like any other wedding flower.

  • Lily of the valley ---> cheaper version : gypsophilias
  • Roses ---> cheaper version : carnations
  • Amaryllis ---> cheaper version : Calla lilies
  • Peonies ---> cheaper version : Chrysanthemums

A glass vase full of white amaryllis is just as good as a glass vase full of white calla lilies, without burning a hole in the pocket.

Other ways to cut on wedding flowers

  • Use inexpensive containers for your centerpieces. If you have a collection of colorful cups and saucers at home, use them. You know the decorated tins when you buy tea? Use those. Each table need not have the same container. If you really want to have those expensive glass containers, opt to rent instead.

  • Use more greens in your arrangements. Greens can add volume to the arrangement. Instead of adding more flowers, add more leaves.

  • Use whatever flowers in your garden. Make a wild flower bouquet by picking flowers from your backyard and tie them in a bunch with a ribbon to make your bridal bouquet. For centerpieces, you can make them in a bunch and simply place them in a glass jar filled with water. You can decorate the glass jar with decorative ribbons.

  • Instead of using 4 types of flowers for your bouquet, cut to two types of flowers. Use the same type of flower to create stunning looking centerpieces. It can be done.

  • Recycle your flowers. The same arrangements at your wedding ceremony can be transported to your reception location. You use the same flower decoration for both event. transportation charges apply, though. But, you still save a lot of money.

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