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Ideas For A Centerpiece

Bridal bouquets in designer's stand

Make round bouquets and place them in designer stands. Then, place them on the tables.

When the event has ended, the bouquets can be taken home as guest souvenirs.

Arrangements in glass containers

The most common way is to make flower arrangements in glass containers. Because of the transparency of the glass containers, oftenly, they are decorated so that the stems or foam is covered.

You can put leaves like cordyline or draceana to cover. Or you can put sisal to match to the color of the flowers.

For a garden or natural look, you could fill up the glass container with stones, but this will cause the arrangement to be heavy and if you use this way, make sure the position to place your arrangement is fixed and not always moving.

You could also dress up the container with ribbon or lace to match the theme and color.

Other methods like filling up the glass containers with rainbow foams and deco beads.

Use foam blocks as containers for inexpensive centerpieces

Glass containers or vases can be costly. As an alternative, use the foam block itself as containers. The foam block needs to be wrapped with plastic after it has been soaked to avoid water leakage.

Then, you can dress it up with leaves or cinnamon sticks or cypress sticks.

Use candles and decorate with flowers

Place candles on the tables, then decorate them with fresh flower wreaths. This is quite common too.

Make a mini topiary

A mini topiary makes a great centerpiece too. They can be a two-tier, a three-tier or a cone-shaped topiary.

If you have a long table, line three similar topiaries and you have a beautifully decorated table.

There are many other ideas to create beautiful flower creations for your wedding or event.

Use your creativity and cleverly mix and match colors with flowers and you'll succeed.

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