Carnation Wedding Bouquet

Carnation wedding bouquet is quite popular among bride-to-bes. They are easily available all year round and does not cost so much.

The special feature about this flower is that the petals look like frills. It doesn't have a center, and its stem is straight and long. They come in any color you want.

There are three types of carnations known today, and they are large flowered carnations, spray carnations and dwarf flowered carnations.

Large flowered carnations are single flower on a single stem. Spray carnations are many small flowers on a single stem, and dwarf flowered carnations are several flowers on a single stem.

Carnations are fairly easy to work with, plus, they are long lasting. If the petals are not opened, you can manually open up the petals using your hands.

And since its stem is long and straight, it is often used as line flowers. In bridal bouquets, carnations can be mixed with any flower.

It is usually not the main flower, but often used as fillers because the size of a single carnation flower is quite small.

Carnation Wedding Bouquet Ideas

carnation wedding bouquet

A pomander of pink carnations, accessorized with white pearls.

carnation wedding bouquet

A round all carnation bouquet with decorative beads and wires.

carnation wedding bouquet

Also an all carnation round bouquet with brown leaves as the bouquet collar.

carnation wedding bouquet

An all white carnation bouquet with plenty of satin material.

Carnation Pomander Bouquet

carnation wedding bouquet

A pink carnation pomander, with just some white dendrobiums on top and attached with pink polka dot ribbon. I didn't want to make this flower ball too round as in a normal pomander, so I let the orchid buds just flow from the sphere. To make this carnation bouquet more interesting, I also decorated it with pearl strings. I hope you like this idea.

Colors Of Carnation and Its Meaning

In general, carnations carry the meaning of fascination, distinction and love. But, different color of the carnation also represent different meaning.

For example, ...

Green... St.Patrick's Day

Yellow... Dissappointment

White... Pure love and good luck

Red... Affection, Passion

Pink... A mother's love

Purple... Capriciousness

Striped... Rejection, refusal

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