Calla Lily Wedding Flowers

Calla lily wedding flowers like calla lily bridal bouquets, calla lily centerpieces and calla lily boutonnieres are so elegant, they make great flower arrangements for weddings.

Popular colors are like orange (mango), white, flame, burgundy and yellow.

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

calla lily wedding flowers

Peach callas hand-tied bouquet. The stems are wrapped with a white satin ribbon.

Wedding Cake

calla lily wedding flowers

A four tier wedding cake, decorated with pink callas and pink ribbon.

Wedding Centerpieces

calla lily wedding flowers

Use old glass bottles to make interesting centerpieces or wedding decorations with the calla lilies. Beer bottles like these match perfectly with the orange callas. Decorate with moss surrounding the bottles to get that rustic look.

calla lily wedding flowers

Combination of green apples and white calla lilies looks great in these tall calla lily centerpieces. Add some purple bleached branches to inject more color variety to the decoration.

Wedding Boutonniere

calla lily wedding flowers

A purple calla lily with a white rose, ruscus leaves and pittosporums in this wedding boutonniere.

Wedding Wine Glasses

calla lily wedding flowers

Decorate your toasting glasses with white calla lily blooms. It complements the wedding theme really well, and they look really elegant.

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