Calla Lily Boutonniere Ideas

Calla lily boutonniere is the perfect choice for a groom's boutonniere. The elegance and simplicity of the calla lily makes it the preferred choice for the groom.

It can be used on its own or even combined with flowers or foliage to complete the boutonniere. And because it is light and do not stain the suit, I believe it is the reason why it is so popular.

When you use the calla lily in a boutonniere, you must add some design to it because the flower itself is already so attractive.

You may add beads, or decorative wire to it , or even manipulate some foliage to make it more interesting.

Below are ideas for your boutonnieres using the calla lily.

calla lily boutonniere

A pink calla with green berries and a ruscus leaf.

calla lily boutonniere

A burgundy calla lily with some foliage.

calla lily boutonniere

Two white calla lilies, green berries and a gold ribbon.

They are so elegant on their own and there is no need to over decorate it with more flowers, foliage or material.

Simple design using less materials is best, like in these white calla boutonnieres.

Here is a white calla with some eucalyptus seeds. The calla stem is wrapped in black. Very elegant.

calla lily boutonniere

A charming white calla boutonniere, with a white rose and beargrass leaf.

calla lily boutonniere

Also a white calla boutonniere with eucalyptus leaves and a beargrass leaf.

calla lily boutonniere

The flame or mango callas in boutonnieres make them perfect for a fall wedding. Grooms will love them.

Match them with your fall wedding bouquets, your wedding will be a memorable one!

calla lily boutonniere

Flame calla lily with asparagus fern and some berries. You can feel the fall mood already.

calla lily boutonniere

And here, two calla lilies with ruscus leaves did the job, too.

calla lily boutonniere

A cheerful boutonniere with a burgundy calla, combined with purple and orange dendrobiums.

calla lily boutonniere

A simple pink calla lily and pink rose in this boutonniere. The stems are left exposed, giving it a natural look.

calla lily boutonniere

A mauve calla lily with white and green dendrobiums in this lovely boutonniere.

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