Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquet For Your Wedding

Look elegant with calla lilies wedding bouquet on your most special day.

You want to look your best on your wedding day. If you want a simple yet elegant look, I believe calla lilies are the right flowers for you.

They are slim flowers with long stems and come in various colors like white, yellow, orange, burgundy and even green. The curves on their stems are very impressive and when used in bouquets, make them look really elegant.

calla lilies wedding bouquet

A contemporary cascade bouquet of purple calla lilies, red roses, molucella and a bit of spanish moss.

calla lilies wedding bouquet

An elegant hand tied bouquet of brown callas with cymbidium orchids.

calla lilies wedding bouquet

A hand tied bouquet of yellow calla lilies, wrapped with gold satin ribbon, decorated with crystals.

Unique Calla Lily Bouquet

calla lilies wedding bouquet

Here's a unique calla lily bouquet with a handle made from a wood strip. The white calla lilies' stems are wrapped with a white ribbon, then intertwined with the wood strip. The same wooden strip is also used for the handle.

You can add phalaenopsis orchid blooms and pearls to the wrapped calla lily stem for an upscale look. The bride can carry the bouquet using the handle.

Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

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