Bridal Bouquets By Color

Choosing bridal bouquets is the most fun part. They come in many styles and color, you'll be spoilt for choice.

The wedding bouquets below are categorized by color, but they come in hand tieds, round, cascades, pomanders and other designs.

You can find bouquets in yellow, blue, green, purple, peach, red, white and many other color hues.

Check out the ideas in each of them, and have fun doing it!

For DIY brides (those brides who are excited about making their bouquet) you can visit the DIY section to find ideas for DIY bouquets.

Hot Color Trends

Brides are looking at these color pallettes for their wedding bouquet. These popular colors are the trend now.

  • Elegant Classy White

    White looks nice in every wedding bouquet type. Add in different types of white flowers with different texture for the best appearance. Choose white roses, tulips, lisianthus, hydrangeas, stock, calla lilies and lilac in your bouquet.

  • Burst Of Colors

    Brides like the pure white, they also like multiple colors in a bouquet. Especially bright summer or spring colors. Use yellow, orange and light blue. Mix red, tangerine, dark purple and dark blue. The main point is to create a balance of the flowers and make the bridal bouquet pleasing to the eye.

  • Soft As Lavender

    Brides are also looking for soft hues of lavender and lilac. Use Pacific Blue roses, with other pale colored flowers to create that soft romantic feel.

Wedding Bouquet Gallery

red bridal bouquets
Red bouquets
yellow bridal bouquets
Yellow bouquets 1
purple wedding bouquets
Purple bouquets 1
blue bridal bouquets
Blue bouquets
orange wedding bouquets
Orange bouquets
white bridal bouquets
White bouquets 1
purple bridal bouquets
Purple bouquets 2
green bridal bouquets
Green bouquets
pink wedding bouquets
Pink bouquets 1
white wedding bouquets
White bouquets 2
yellow wedding bouquets
Yellow bouquets 2
pink bouquets
Pink bouquets 2
purple rose bouquets
Purple rose bouquets
peach bridal bouquets
Peach bouquets
red wedding bouquets
Red bouquets 2
blue wedding bouquet
Blue bouquets 2

Steps To Choose Your Dream Bouquet

How do you decide on your bridal bouquet. After browsing many pictures of wedding bouquets, you feel overwhelmed. You thought you know what you want, but you ended up back at square one.

For easier decision making, follow these steps.

1. Choose the bouquet color

What color would you like your bouquet to be? It does not have to be a single color, but a color combination like black and white or green and purple. This would be your wedding theme color. You can also have a mix of colors in a bouquet. Decide on the color first. In what color do you want your wedding to be in?

2. Choose the flowers

After you have chosen the color, choose the flowers in that color. For example, you can choose red roses for a red bouquet, hydrangeas and stephanotis for a blue and white bouquet and mango calla lilies for an orange bouquet.

3. Choose the bouquet type

Then, decide on the shape of your bouquet. Do you want a cascading bouquet, a round bouquet or a crescent bouquet? You can also have your bouquet in unique styles like a glameria, a pomander, a fan bouquet or a bag bouquet.

After deciding all three, you now can decide on what accessories to add on, if you choose to add them. Or if you want to personalize your bouquet.

More on bouquet styles

Learn more about freeform bouquets, fan bouquets, bag bouquets and others in these pages...

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