Bridal Bouquet Types For You To Choose From

Besides the round, cascade and hand-tied bridal bouquet, there are also other bridal bouquet types for you to choose from.

You can find a list of bouquet types below that you might find that suits you and your personality, like clutch bouquets, fan bouquets, composite bouquets, scepter bouquets, cone bouquets, cadcade bouquets, crescent bouquets and teardrop bouquets.

Cascading Bouquet

A cascading wedding bouquet is when the flowers seem like flowing from the top of the bouquet.

Flowers that have beautiful lines or curves are suitable for this type of design. It is actually a traditional design but modernized with creative use of fresh flowers.

cascade wedding bouquet

Round Bouquet Design

The round bridal bouquet is very popular. Flowers are compactly arranged together to form a perfect sphere. Bloom flowers are suitable for this design. Usually, foliage is less used.

Scepter Bouquet

Scepter bouquets are a unique bridal bouquet type. It is the shape of a wand, with flowers arranged on top. So, the handle is quite long.

scepter bouquets

Arm Bouquet

Arm bouquets are carried in the cradle of the arms. Flowers should flow naturally from the elbow, the rest should be comfortable resting on your hand. Calla lilies are popular for this bridal bouquet type.

Cone Bouquet

Cone bouquets have the shape of a cone. They are carried with a handle, that can vary, from decorative wires, pearls, vines and ribbons.

Oftenly, the bottom of the cone is attached with a decorative tail.

cone bouquet

Tussie Mussie

Tussie mussie is a bunch of flowers arranged in a silver bouquet holder. Not so many flowers are needed, because they are quite small in size, but the flowers are compactly arranged together.

Hand Tied Bouquet

A hand tied bridal bouquet is also a bunch of flowers, tied with a ribbon, with the stems exposed. It has a natural, garden look. The choice of flowers for this design is limitless.

hand tied bouquet

Clutch Bouquet

A clutch bouquet is similar like the hand tied, but the flowers are not arranged vertically together, but rather arranged in a circular motion. The exposed stems, as you can see, are in a circle, but they are compactly arranged together.

Fan Bouquet

A fan bouquet is a bouquet shaped like a fan. Very oriental, and the way to hold it is different, too. The 'fan' itself could be a real fan, or made from flower materials.

fan bouquet

Crescent Bouquet

This bridal bouquet type looks like the crescent but positioned so that both ends face downwards. Flowers with a 'flowy' nature is best for this design, like dendrobium orchids, anthuriums and calla lilies are suitable choices.


The freeform design involves great creativity and design sense. It is not in a particular shape or form, but it has some designs that make it really distinctive. Most often, these bouquets look very contemporary and modern.

Bag Bouquet

Bag bouquets, as its name, are bouquets that are carried like handbags. And they look like handbags, too!

The bag handle can vary from decorative wire, pearls, vines, and other materials to make the bag look unique.

bag bouquet

Pomander or Kissing Ball

Pomanders are flower balls that brides carry. Flowers are compactly arranged together to form a ball, and a handle is attached to it. Also known as, kissing balls, they are popular among bridesmaids and flower girls too.

pomander bouquet


Beidermeier bouquets have a special design of flowers. Flowers are arranged tightly together, in circles. Each circle is clearly defined by a single type of flower.

beidermeier bouquet

Composite Bouquet or Glameria

A composite bouquet is formed by flower petals, each petal is individually wired to look like a single bloom of flower. Also known as, glameria.

composite bouquet

Ballerina Bouquet

A ballerina bouquet is basically a round bouquet but you can clearly see the massive usage of tulle or net. Flowers are often less. Suitable for brides with a tight budget.

ballerina bouquet

Teardrop Bouquet

A teardrop bouquet has the shape of a teardrop. It is round on top and pointy at the bottom. It is not as long as the cascade and not as short as the round bouquet. Flowers are arranged compactly to form the teardrop shape.

Muff Bouquet

The muff bouquet is made of a muff which covers both hands of the bride, with the muff decorated with flowers. Most preferred bridal bouquet type to be used in winter weddings, because the muff can get the brides hands warm and the fluffiness and softness of the muff itself is very wintery.

Hanging Bouquet

A hanging bouquet is something that you would carry with a handle, with fresh flowers trailing down. The handle can be round in shape, or a horizontal stick, with flowers hanging from it, lesser as you go down.

Single Stem Bouquet

The simplest bridal bouquet type would be the single stem bouquet. The bride will carry one single flower with a long stem. The flower can be decorated with laces, ribbons, colorful wires with beads and rhinestones to make it more fashionable. You can use a rose, a peony or a chrysanthemum for this type of bouquet.

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