Bridal Bouquet Techniques Revealed!

The key to perfect bouquets, lies in the bridal bouquet techniques florists use... That's why they look so natural and fresh.

There is a secret to it, and I am going to reveal to you how to make bridal bouquets that look like they were arranged by professional florists by using the techniques below.

These techniques will hold your bouquet stronger and even the delicate flower materials can be used by using these techniques.


The piercing method requires you to pierce the floral wire through the flower or stem until halfway, then bend both sides of the wire along the stem.


How to do it is to create a hook at the end of the floral wire. Then, insert the wire into the flower from the top, into the stem. Insert until the hook is not visible and hidden in the flower.


Make a loop around the flower stem a few times. And from there, twist the wire around the stem downwards.


The U-twisting method is also similar to the twisting method. Here, make a U shape near the middle of the wire.

Place the U shape at a point on the flower stem, and from there twist the wire around the stem downwards.

Hairpin Method

This technique is used when handling delicate flowers or leaves.

Insert the wire from the back of the flower or leaf, then bend both sides of the wire to make the stem.

By using the techniques above, you too can create great bridal bouquets just like professional florists do.

I hope the techniques outlined above are useful to make your own bridal bouquets.

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