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Great ideas for your bridal bouquet in your favourite flower, plus ways to personalize it!

Got a wedding coming up?

You're about to see great bridal bouquet ideas which you can make yourself without spending expensive dollars.

These ideas are very do-able and they look amazing. You can choose the type of flowers you want for your bouquet, and you can find plenty of ideas there.

Bridal Bouquet Gallery

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Tulip wedding bouquet
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Rose bridal bouquet

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Hydrangea bridal bouquet
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Stargazer lily bridal bouquet
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Sunflower bridal bouquet
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Peony bridal bouquet
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Orchid bridal bouquet
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Carnation wedding bouquet

Unique Bridal Bouquet Ideas

To make unique bridal bouquets, you can choose to use unique flower materials. These materials are not easily available from the florist or growers and can be seasonal. But using these materials can make your bridal bouquet different and unique.

The materials I am referring to are like using diplocyclos (mini watermelons), Lady Slippers (a type of orchid), succulents, celosia or Fiddle Ferns (Monkey Tail). Combine with other flowers like roses, orchids or tulips to your unique 'flowers' to make your bouquet.

Another way to make your bridal bouquet unique, you can also add rainbow lollipops among the flowers in your bouquet, to make a colorful bouquet.

Another idea to use non-floral materials to make your bouquet. You can use paper, felt or ribbons to make single flowers and tie them in a bunch to make a bouquet. You can also collect brooches from your family members and combine them to make a meaningful, personal sparkling bouquet.

Personalizing Your Bridal Bouquet Ideas

  • The patriotic bride
    Honor your nationality by including your national flower in your bouquet. Singaporean brides can include the Vanda orchid. Malaysian brides can choose hibiscus as the main flower, and Chinese brides can choose the peony.

  • Choose your flower name
    Is your name Daisy or Rose or Jasmine? Include these flowers in your bouquet to make the bouquet more meaningful.

  • Make your own wedding bouquet
    Nothing is more personal than making your own bouquet. That way your bouquet becomes very personal to you. If you prefer, you can even preserve your bouquet, put it in a frame to enjoy it for many years to come.

  • Add an heirloom
    If you possess a brooch, handed to you by your grandmother and want to add sentimental value to your bouquet, add trinkets like the brooch to the bouquet. You can add it to the ribbon on the stems or among the flowers themselves.

  • Choose your birthday flower
    If you are born on January, your birthday flower is carnations. So include carnations in your bouquet as a way to personalize your bouquet.

  • Choose flowers that has special meaning to you
    If your husband to be has given you roses on your birthday, you may want to remember this special flower by using it in your bridal bouquet.

Need help deciding?

Below are some of my guides which may be useful on deciding your wedding bouquet.

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