Blue Wedding Theme

What flowers make a blue wedding theme? Blue wedding flowers are like hydrangeas, muscari, delphiniums and iris.

When these flowers combine to make bridal bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and bridesmaid bouquets, what a beautiful wedding it will be.

Blue and Purple Wedding Theme

Blue hydrangeas, purple stock and green amaranthus in this beautiful chair decoration.

Striking colors of the blue hydrangeas, purple pansies, purple orchids and pink roses. This blue wedding bouquet will surely stand out.

A bridesmaid holding a round bouquet of blue hydrangeas, purple eustomas and purple calla lilies.

Blue and White Wedding Theme

A round bouquet of cream roses with blue sisal wrapped around them. They then are collared by ruscus leaves. Not many types of materials or flowers involved but it looks great.

A centerpiece of white hydrangeas, white roses and some blue flowers.

There are many ways to create a blue wedding. Don't limit yourself to just flowers, but incorporate also other decorative items that come in blue and white in your wedding arrangements.

Items like decorative wires, blue ribbons, blue sisal and blue rainbow foams can all be included to make this wedding your dream color.

For beach weddings, combine seashells with blue and white flowers like roses. For christmas weddings, combine blue ornament bells with white flowers like tulips or roses. For spring weddings, blue and white hyacinths make perfect combination.

Even for country weddings, you can use just the blue muscaris against everything else white, and there are plenty other ways to go.

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