Blue Wedding Bouquet

A blue wedding bouquet can be made by blue flowers like muscari, hydrangeas, agapanthus, veronica and others.

Usually they are combined with white flowers, purple flowers or green flowers.

blue wedding bouquet

This is a blue bouquet that looks like a cone, with cornflower, thistle, snowberries and eucayptus seeds.

blue wedding bouquet

A posy of blue lisianthus, with beargrass on top. Perfect for the minimalist bride.

blue wedding bouquet

A round bouquet with white tulips, white freesias and muscaris sticking out from between the flowers.

blue wedding bouquet

A round posy of blue almost purple hydrangeas and some viburnum for a contrast of color.

blue wedding bouquet

A teardrop bouquet of lavender florets and lily of the valley. The bride must love the nice smell of this bouquet.

blue wedding bouquet

A blue wedding bouquet of blue hydrangeas, white lisianthus and lavender. Very natural and sweet.

Flower recommendation for constructing your blue bouquets

  • A beidermerier bouquet of 3 layers. Top layer, purple sweet peas. Middle layer, white roses and the outer layer will be blue hydrangeas. Tie these flowers with white satin ribbon with pearl accents.

  • A round hand tied bouquet of white calla lilies and blue agapanthus

  • An arm bouquet of muscaris, with their stems maintained long, with added white roses at the bottom near the place to hold the bouquet.

What Else Goes With Blue?

When looking for blue bridal bouquets, set in your mind that they can be an all blue bouquet (all blue flowers in different shades of blue), or blue flowers combined with other colored flowers. But which colored flowers creates harmony when combined together? Which combination of color pleases the eye? Below are some recommendation.

Blue + Brown

You would think that this is not a good combination, but it is. Use blue hydrangeas with leucadendrons, or blue lisianthus with burgundy berries.

Blue + White

This is a no-brainer. Think of the clear blue sky with calm white clouds. It is great for any season wedding, especially great for a winter wedding.

Blue + Green

This combination is also a favourite. Mix green cymbidiums with delphiniums. Or add more green foliage to complement blue flowers.

Blue + Silver

Silver is not in flowers but in decorative accessories like wires, diamonds and stones. This is great for a winter wedding theme.

More ideas for a blue wedding theme...

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