Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are very unique. Not all flowers come in blue and that's why they are special. A lot of brides want to use them in their wedding flower arrangements and make beautiful blue wedding themes.

They are like thistle, hydrangeas, muscari, delphinium, iris, blue rose and others.


blue flowers

Muscaris are popular wedding flowers. They are often associated with the groom and make great filler flowers in bouquets, centerpieces and even boutonnieres.


blue flowers

Another popular flower for the groom is thistle. But they can also be used in the bride's bouquet. A blue and white bouquet of thistle, white veronica, white trachelium and blue hydrangeas will look lovely on any bride.

Blue Hydrangeas

blue flowers

All brides love the blue hydrangeas. They are so sweet. They can be made into pomanders, bouquets, centerpieces and corsages as well.

Blue Rose

blue flowers

There is no a true, fresh blue rose. The ones that are available are dyed.

Blue Scabiosa

blue flowers

Not a lot of people know about blue scabiosa. They are quite rare but florists do use them in bridal bouquets, centerpieces and other wedding arrangements. They match well with flowers of darker blue hues.


Delphiniums are small flowers that go really well with purple, orange and white flowers.

They are also versatile, as you can see them in wedding bouquets, centerpieces and even on wedding cakes.

Blue Iris

blue flowers

Blue iris really catches the eye. The yellow patch on the petals will really grab your attention.

It is a great spring flower, and popular in everyday arrangements as well as wedding arrangements.

See pictures of beautiful wedding flower creations using these lovely flowers...

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